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Google for Telugu Now – Surprising stats for you!

29 June 2018 Swetha Rao
Google India launches Telugu support for Google AdWords and Google AdSense to help web publishers and advertisers reach out to a large base of Internet users in the vernacular language.
Advertisers will now be able to build rich and seamless Ad campaigns to target their audience via Telugu search and display ads. Content creators and publishers with blogs and websites in Telugu will now be able to sign up for Google AdSense and run ads and attract advertisers around the world.
Here are a few stats to your surprise:
  •  There are 400+ million Internet users in India out of 1.3 Billion, China being no 1. And about 200 million users use Google in their native language
  • There are 2 million publishers and 1 million advertisers across the world
  • Google G Board has about 33 languages and Google Maps supports 39 languages
  • The Interesting fact is that more than 28% searches on Google are Voice Based Searches
  • The most surprising thing is 9 out of 10 People use their Native Language on Google Search
  • A recent source suggests that 88% of the users respond more toads in their native language and 95% in case of Telugu ads
  • It is expected to spend about 10,000 Cr on Google by 2021, thereby opening a huge opportunity for publishers. With an incredible scope for tier 2 and tier 3 cities.
  • Google has paid out 10 billion to publishers till 2015
  • The major industries ruling the native language include Arts, Entertainment, Computers, Electronics, Jobs, Education, Business, and Industries
  • The top Telugu YouTube channels include the Volga, Aditya music, V6 News, Infobells etc.
  • Only 1 channel had 1 million subscribers in Telugu before Mobile Data revolution(Jio) and now there are 25+ channels with 1 million and more subscribers.
It is thus estimated that Telugu language users online would be 536 million by 2021 from the current 234 million creating an incredibly revolutionary space for publishers and advertisers.
A win-win scenario indeed for the telugu audience.
Source: Indian Languages – Defining India’s internet (KPMG: Google Report 2017)