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“Strategy and Planning – The Key to Digital Product Launch”

29 August 2018 Dhruthi Ponugupati

The digital media platform is by far the most effective, easy and efficient way of developing brand awareness. With online marketing growing and getting competitive day by day, it’s not a secret anymore that one should always stay two steps ahead in launching their product digitally.

As the audience here are large and can be targeted, the opportunities to launch your product become infinite. Now, how do you narrow down your most potential opportunities from the least, so that you don’t miss out on an important lead? Most important, how do you plan your resources?

That’s where the planning and strategy comes into play!

Being a digital marketing agency in the entrepreneurial hub like Hyderabad, the products and services that get launched on a daily basis are varied. Each have their own set of targeted audience and goals. The three important questions that we ask our clients before getting into the strategy is;

1. Who are you?

2. What is your product / service?

3. How do you want to position yourself in your potential market?

Once you understand these three aspects, it’s time for us to move into planning. The basic plan is always the same – Create a brand awareness (they hear your name); Social media campaigns (they might forget your name, so remind them again); Engagement via emails and campaigns (make your brand name viral so that they never forget you). To launch this strategy into action, we have it broken down into 4 steps;

Attract: The main thought in mind with which we work is that – Come up with a campaign which is attractive. The social media platform is huge with too many competitors. Unless you are positioned in a way which outsmarts your competition, you are not noticed.

We focus more on points like – How is your product more different than your competition? Why should you be chosen over other? How good is the product? How can we boast your product?

At the end of the day, marketing or building a brand image is all about telling the good things about your product in a nice, attractive and creative way.

Reach: The noise we make on the digital platform about your product should be loud and pleasant enough that it reaches a good number of audience. As long as people are hearing about you, talking about you, seeing your brand name at different places and sharing your content, you are reaching the right people.

Also, this has to be a two way street. As you reach out to your audience and if they find you valuable, they will also try to reach you back as a solution. Hence, your positioning has to be in such a way that you are in reach to your audience at all times.

Boosting an ad, posting on social media, publishing content are a few simple ways to reach your

Target: Interaction with the visitors on your site or responding to your leads with info is what targeting is all about. After reaching out to a mass audience, your next agenda is to step in deep and share some value adding info which will keep the audience hooked onto your product or service.

Build an online relationship with your leads so that you keep them engaged and get them to convert into customers. Because in the end, it’s also to bring in some business with quality conversion rate!

Also, once a lead converts into customer, it doesn’t mean the cycle ends for that particular lead. Remarketing comes into play right here, where you can make use of the testimonials, reviews, comments, feedback, etc to generate more leads and prospects.

Capture: How do you capture your leads?

Your campaign was a hit and you generated a lot of leads which is excellent. What are you doing to capture this leads and track their engagement?

Unless you work on the data describing how well the campaign worked, you are not providing any statistical data to plan the next course of action.

Analyze and understand what works for your brand and what doesn’t.

Lastly, be prepared for the worst case scenarios!

It’s been three successful years since we’ve been following these four golden rules to build strategy for product launching on Digital media. However, in our experience, we have observed that no matter how prepared you are, you always have an element of surprise lying in wake for you.

Hence, be prepared for worst case scenario. Handle it calm rather than jumping into an impromptu response.

You can be prepared and geared up with strategy but you can never be 100% ready.