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Memes – The Trending Digital Marketing Weapon

23 August 2018 Dhruthi Ponugupati

How often do you come across an interesting meme? – Once in every two hours? Well, I do! And once you see a funny meme, what’s the first thing that you do? Share it with your friends or colleagues, isn’t it?

Well, as a digital marketing agency, our team often tries to come up with creative ways of marketing a brand. Be it an analyst or a designer, a web developer or a content writer, everyone is on the lookout for new and trendy ways that can make the service or the product look interesting and fun.

Once we realized how hooked we are onto memes, we decided, why not make it a weapon in digital marketing as well. Cool, isn’t it?

With this latest task on desk, we sat for a brain storming session to generate more ideas for memes that can help us market our client brands. Even to comprehend where to begin, we had to understand how memes work in the first place. So, after discussing and debating, we chalked down a few key facts about memes;

Agree or not, memes are humorous. They bring a laugh out of you and that’s a fact. You might forget a costly branding advertisement displayed on a 3D screen, but you will remember a funny meme for a longer period of time.

Secondly, they are easy to understand. Sometimes an email or a page long article fails to convey a message as effectively as a simple meme would.

Moreover, they get viral pretty quickly. If a meme makes sense or brings a genuine laugh out of you, then they are the most shared messages in a virtual group. Especially in WhatsApp and Facebook groups, we all know how quickly a meme is shared and circulated.

And the best part about a meme is that, it doesn’t take time to create one. Yes, creating a meme is a creative task which takes time and effort to produce. However, once the idea is in place and you know what results you are trying to generate out of it, the rest of the task becomes pretty easy.

Once we got a complete picture of what and how the memes work, the next important rule to consider is how we are going to project the brand image via a meme. Because, if something goes on the internet, it stays there! As easy and quick as a humorous meme gets viral, the chances of any negative image creating havoc also goes high. So, a meme as comical as it can be needs to be planned rightly and strategically too.