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Everything that will be clicked, viewed and shared in 2018

17 January 2018 Nikitha Karnam

The marketing trends the year 2018 is going to witness

Even though we do not accept this we are addicted to the digital world in every way possible. Smart phones being a luxury is the thing of the past they are growing to becoming a necessity. In the digital world we live in business are using social media to the fullest and unleashing their creativity. These strategies have developed as trends and are soon catching up with the audience as well as the Digital advertising agencies, Social Media marketing companies and  Internet Marketing companies. So here are some marketing trends that you need to look out for the year 2018:

Instagram live stories:

Instagram has now become the new obsession for person of every age group, even if they don’t actively post anything they are always watching out for other people’s posts and stories. Insta live stories have taken over the stage because it has an array of influencers, celebrities, businesses, and brands because their profiles are public. These live stories make feel that they are almost with the celebrity thereby increasing the feeling of being with them.

Influencer marketing

People actually going to the stores because they see their favourite celebrity advertising for it is a thing of the past. Now influencer marketing will take over 2018 since the marketing firms can spend less and when an influencer recommends a product or service it comes off as genuine. People now understand that the celebrities are being given money to endorse a brand where as they see social media influencers as part of common people, someone believable. It is very cost effective for any digital advertising agency, social media marketing company or internet marketing company.

The fall of Twitter

Even though Twitter made a feeble attempt of increasing the character limit to 280, this effort’s success has yet to be seen. Earlier characters it was difficult but challenged the users wits to be funny just in 140 characters. But now the limit is same as that of Facebook and LinkedIn thereby stealing its USP away. Also content shared on Twitter only lasts about 1 minute. This means that posts on Twitter can be easily missed by the users and the whole reason behind promoting brands and giving them the required exposure on twitter will fail.


Machines replacing humans is not a phenomenona we watch in the sci-fi Hollywood movies but it will soon replace executives of customer service. These chatbots are getting more personalised and are updated to adapt to a conversation. Chatbots help in providing a solution to the customers’ grievances and we don’t expect these problems to end anytime soon, so they are more preferred by many digital advertising agencies and social media marketing companies.

LinkedIn on the rise

Since B2B marketers need to use social media to do their businesses LinkedIn will their best choice. LinkedIn’s features provide a platform to gain exposure and widen their reach to the people they are interested in doing business with.

Video content

Video information has always attracted more audience since the inception. We all know this feeling; we are too lazy to open an article but are more attracted to watching videos however irrelevant they are to us. The new age generation now has different types of videos like the Boomerang, Super zoom, etc and internet marketing companies are ready to cash on this strategy. All of these are making the video content more interesting and clickable.

Engaging content

Content is king and social media is a proof of that. Digital marketing, successful lead generation and user engagement boils down to interesting and good content. Even though there have been traditional vs modern marketing techniques, trends that kept changing, one thing that has remained constant is meaningful content. However the latest or successful technique fails without engaging content. Regardless of the nature of business, content is the only way we communicate and convince people to buy and believe in our brand.