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Out-of-the-box marketing strategies work – IKEA proved it!

23 August 2018 Dhruthi Ponugupati

IKEA – I don’t think there’s any need to explain what or who IKEA is. The brand has labeled itself so well in the market, which everyone refers to it as a synonym for furniture shopping.

Moving to a new home? – Let’s go IKEA!

Your pet broke the coffee table? – Don’t worry, IKEA it is!

So on and so forth.

For all the marketers out there, IKEA could also be an interesting case study. Let’s look into a few facts and strategies that make IKEA so famous and branded.

Established or not, marketing is a must!

Being an international brand, IKEA is known all over the globe. Technically, there was no need for extensive marketing when they decided to launch in India. But they did anyhow, why? That’s because no matter how established you are, a brand always needs to put themselves out in the market to remind people that yes, we are still here! Imagine if Coca-cola stopped all their ad campaigns, what would happen? The competitors will take a step and steer the consumers towards their side. In this competitive world, having a constant buzz about your brand is very

Out of the box ideas for marketing!

The creative ideas IKEA has come up with for marketing are seriously out of the box.

This is an example of the banners that they’ve put across the Hyderabad city which immediately clicked and was circulated among various social media platforms too.

Also, not just such posters and hoardings but also at the Airport, IKEA has established a marketing strategy.

Do you think you can come up with an idea as such? If yes, then marketing is “it” for you.

The overwhelming and unexpected results:

Once, the IKEA showroom was launched in India, you might think the marketers would take a breather and just recline on their chairs and reap the results. You are absolutely right! After sowing the seeds of marketing in every possible way, the words just started spreading like a forest fire!

That’s not the people waiting in queue for Rajnikanth’s movie. That’s the queue waiting for an entrance into the IKEA store on the first day! Is that crazy or what?!

Positive or negative, the word is any way out there!

As this response was awesome and overwhelming, it also led to a bit of trolling and negative buzz. This is where another crucial lesson is remembered. Once you put in the word out there and market the brand/ product/service, your job as a marketer is not done. Monitoring the buzz and protecting the brand image is also very important.

One important uphill of the entire buzz is that negative or positive, the word is out there. As long as people are talking about it, people are talking about it. The brand is discussed, the curiosity is piqued and subsequently, you see results.

At the end of the day, as marketers, we follow only one single rule

You kill or steal, in the end, you sell!