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6 Evergreen Marketing Tips we all should learn from our Moms

12 May 2018 Swetha Rao

Moms have always been that one driving force that took us ahead everything we had to face in life. Be it a scary slide at the park, the trauma of an injection, exams, results, vegetables, adulthood, love, work, career, marriage and so on. The list doesn’t really seem to end any time soon!

We at 3DM, sat over a coffee and thought of all the lessons we could actually learn from our Moms. They’ve been succeeding throughout, so why can’t we take some inspiration. And hell yeah!

Here’s what we could relate to absolutely and undoubtedly.

Exclusive Marketing Tips we wish to take lessons from that fall in to the credit of every MOM out there.


All that we’ve been listening to from childhood are stories. Be it the ‘King and his 7 Sons,’ or Chandamama, her storytelling skills have just been amazing. Till today, when we expect her to give us a one word answer she ends up telling a story!

Any marketing person should be as amazing a storyteller as she is! Every Brand Story should be as effective and worked upon as that of your mom’s that leave a mark.   


It is every mom’s birth right to add the maximum amount of drama in her child’s happening life. No drama zone is undoubtedly a NO MOM ZONE. A complete package of emotions and has got the right connect. How well she connects and manipulates every situation in her favour is what we must and should learn from her.

Connect to your audience in a way your mom knows to connect to you! If Drama is the key, then why not!


Have you ever wondered how every little news about you turns viral at your home, neighbourhood, community, society and now social media?
Well, MOMying, is the key. She is promoting you, she is behind spreading the news. Your results, your new job, your relocation, your love story, your habits and every little thing about you. Virality is her thing and something you should take lessons from her.

Spread the word to the maximum, reach everyone and her range of visibility though difficult, could definitely be a goal. To go viral, learn MOMying!

Cost Optimization

Right from your clothes to your school accessories, you’ve got the best but at the lowest price. Her efficiency in spending the least yet getting the best is one most commendable quality of a Mom we all should agree to.

Spend less and get the most clicks, conversions, traffic and engagement. Marketers; learn, practice, implement and experience.

Saleswoman of the Year

Mom’s convincing and manipulating tactics are to be awarded and recognized by every Marketing Professional. Convincing you to wear what she likes, eat what she wants you to, take her where she wants to go, do whatever she wants you to do and we leave it to your experiences.

Doesn’t she make you buy everything? Like literally everything?
What do we learn from her?
Convince, manipulate, laugh, cry, blackmail, do whatever but sell your product.

Constant Reminding

She is your alarm clock, your nurse and that one constant reminder behind you always. Headphones, charger, laptop, tie, phone, lunch box, water bottle, files and we’re counting…

She is always there behind your back and reminds you constantly.

Just like how our POP UP ads and remarketing strategies should be. Consistent, constant and always there.

And that’s about it. The list can go on undoubtedly, here we throw an open challenge to all marketers out there this Mother’s Day, to be a REAL PROFESSIONAL, a TRUE MARKETER and a one as good as a MOM.

And to every mom reading this and having fun, we love you and we wish you a Very Happy Mother’s Day.

Thank you for inspiring us.