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Google Plus – A journey!

The recent news regarding the closure of Google plus was taken by storm in the digital and multimedia space. A lot of articles, speculations and questions were raised on why, how and what next if not for Google Plus? However, being one of the best digital marketing agency in Hyderabad, the queries and concerns raised […]

Let's Bust The SEO Myths

SEO – Search Engine Optimization – A key aspect of digital and social media marketing. For the last few years as we kept weaving through the web of digital marketing, learning, rediscovering and making breakthroughs, and with a few falls here and there, we heard a lot about SEO and search engine optimization tips. The […]

Attention Spans – Sinking or Evolving

“Average human attention span is shorter than that of a gold fish”, said science. But that is purely a ‘glass half empty’ statement. If you look at the bright side, the millennia has evolved in such a way that there is now a requirement for better, logical and more creative content that captures your attention […]

4 Features Currently Trending in Digital Media Market

The one and only industry which is trending and updating on a daily and sometimes an hourly basis is inexplicably the Digital marketing industry. Trends that keep updating on the digital marketing space are numerous. Someone comes up with an idea which clicks, sometimes intentionally and sometimes accidentally. Once that happens, the idea is improvised, […]

Google Adwords Becomes Google Ads and Brings 4 New Features Onboard

Every digital marketer knows Google Adwords like the back of the palm. This upgrade is like a newsflash to every individual who is either a client or an executive of internet marketing. Every business, be it small or big, whether they are using a digital platform for e-commerce or brand management, has taken this new […]

“Strategy and Planning – The Key to Digital Product Launch”

The digital media platform is by far the most effective, easy and efficient way of developing brand awareness. With online marketing growing and getting competitive day by day, it’s not a secret anymore that one should always stay two steps ahead in launching their product digitally. As the audience here are large and can be […]