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3 Quick and Easy Tips to Increase Traffic to your Blog

15 May 2018 Swetha Rao

How often do we expect people to read, like, share, comment or merely glance through the blog and articles we publish? The effort put in, the research done and the expectations set, all go in vain once you hit the publish button, pay a huge amount and yet your write up is ignored like any other random article that goes on the internet every day. This generally happens when you put more of your effort in writing the best and ignore the effective ways of reaching your audience.

There are 100’s of blogs shooting up every hour and what makes yours significant and different is what your focus should be upon. Content generation is a difficult task, you sit for hours together brainstorming, researching and bringing out your best to attract people and all this goes for a quick toss when no one’s reading what you’ve written.

How do you help yourself with this and get more traffic to your blogs without actually writing
more content or building links?

Here are 3 QUICK, AMAZING, EASY and EFFICIENT Tips to add more traffic to your blogs.

Keywords in your Title and Meta Description

First, have a check on your Title Tags. Observe the status of your listings and see what’s getting the most number of clicks and what’s being ranked higher. Look for the keywords getting more number of clicks and incorporate those keywords in your Title and Meta Description. Once you do this, your article will be receiving more and more number of search clicks and this way Google keeps pushing your article above.

Imagine your article is being listed on the top, yet doesn’t receive a decent number of clicks. Eventually Google pushes your article down in this case and the ones with the most number of clicks go up. Having your keywords both in your Title and Meta Description is going to give your blog or article the most number of clicks and a better scope of relevance for Google.

This one simple tactic gets people clicking on your listings as and when people are doing a search, your keywords being in the title and the Meta Description. Keep doing this and increasing your search traffic for all your top pages and over a period of 3 months, see the change!

Keep sharing your articles over and over again

How many times do you think your article will make sense to the reader? Once? Twice? Thrice? Why not share your article again and again especially when it is a well researched, well written and amazing? All you have to do is change your Title, the Meta Description and reshare your article making it relevant every time you share. Now this doesn’t mean sharing it 10 times a day.

An amazing article (if you seriously feel it to be) can be shared on an approximate of 12 times in a year and watch it do wonders to your blog’s reach and the rankings as well. The more number of times it is being clicked upon, the higher its listings and the higher it gets ranked on Google.

Keep sharing your articles as per relevance across Facebook, Twitter, Linkedln etc., and grab the utmost reach you need. Over a period of time this simple thing is gonna build you incredible links without actually building up!

Re-purpose your content

Content repurposing is one amazing way to generate more traffic to your pages. Take an already written article, make a video out of and share it on YouTube, Facebook etc. Share an entire article directly on Linkedln or Facebook, Make episodes of your articles and send them to iTunes. Explore on the number of ways you can repurpose your content and pick the ones that are in your most favour and experience an invariable traffic increase and clicks.

In this way you are repurposing your content without actually writing more content or building links. Another benefit added to your credit here is that your audience responds to your content on platforms like YouTube, Linkedln and Facebook. Such interaction and comments help you understand your audience preferences better. This increases traffic in an unexpected way and you end up generating more and more clicks over a period of time.

What’s more?

Keep your content as interesting and qualitative as possible. Let the Keywords rule! Use these three simple yet efficient tactics and generate more and more links to your blogs, articles, pages etc., without actually writing more or building links.